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World cup in Bretenoux

Camping la Bourgnatelle à BretenouxSed sit amet arcu ut velit venenatis auctor. Aenean mattis ante ac suscipit malesuada. Praesent a est faucibus purus faucibus auctor in et odio. Morbi id nisi at lorem venenatis fermentum sed eu mi. Duis cursus mauris vitae ligula molestie porttitor. Pellentesque vestibulum est quis ipsum hendrerit commodo. Quisque tempor eros vel leo faucibus, eget ornare lectus mattis. Sed a congue nibh. Vivamus venenatis tempor felis, condimentum aliquet arcu venenatis vitae. Nam non leo id sapien pellentesque cursus. Morbi sed magna imperdiet, luctus tellus non, viverra erat.


Pay in installments

Pay in installments

Pay for your vacation in installments and at your own pace. Dordogne Vacances offers you the possibility to pay for the stay in installments (up to 10) free of charge.


DORDOGNE VACANCES accepts the reservations of rentals under the following conditions:
Reservations are definitive upon receipt of the first payment.
All bookings should come with adeposit of 30 %
Thebalance for the stay must be paid 1 month before your arrival.

How to!

After placing your reservation,

- Go to our internet websitewww.dordogne-vacances.fr, in the section Home, click on "I already have a reservation"

See an image of the tab

Enter your "booking number" provided on your booking confirmation and your name.

Click on "Details", and choose "Pay an amount of your choice"

Please note: Payment in installments can only be made by credit card and a minimum amount of 50€



Campsite Écho du Malpas